Electric Scooter 8.5" Honeycomb Tire 350W Motor

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Slick Scoots offers an 8.5" honeycomb (explosion-proof) tire electric scooter that boasts a powerful 350W front-wheel motor equipped with an E-brake in addition to the rear disc brake.   The scooter travels up to 18 miles and can be set to 3 speeds between 9mph and 15.5mph.   It's 26.5 lbs and can conveniently be stored or carried just about anywhere.   Bluetooth-connect to the smartphone APP.

An added safety feature is the front white LED light and the rear red led that blinks to signal when braking.   Great for teens and adults.   Please be safe when riding. We always recommend wearing a helmet when riding electric scooters.  

Due to shipping delays, the delivery may take between 9 and 12 business days.  Thank you so much for visiting us!