Trick Scooters for Sale and With Stunting Prices

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Trick Scooters for Sale and With Stunting Prices

Trick scooters are becoming more popular nowadays. People are doing it to have fun and earn money at the very same time in exciting competitions. But the most crucial thing is to find the right scooter for you.  Once you become a pro tricker, you can literally make a career out of riding scooters!  For now, let's focus on "fun"!

When searching for Trick Scooters for sale, you will be bombarded with a long list of products which will make the decision process confusing. We have come up with the list of top-rated sturdy trick scooters which are great in performance and light on wallet. These trick scooters come in different designs with a sturdy structure and are manufactured to be robust products under extreme pressure.

Choose the products according to your requirement and budget you want to invest in them.


1. Xspec Pro Rainbow Neo Chrome stunt trick scooter



 Bet you didn't know this but most of the trick scooters for sale lack the "Hidden Internal Compression" feature. This compression style is a lightweight and sturdy structure to provide maximum comfort and performance to the rider. The front plate is specially made for lip tricks and you can also take advantage of this plate to do blunt slides.

High quality 6061 Aluminum provides an oil slick look and corrosion resistant sturdy structure. This material provides you the strongest structure to perform pro tricks in various environmental settings.

Tail lamps and metal flex brakes give you a whole different category product to do various tricks at night and use it in your daily commute at night. At the deck, you get a non-slip surface for a solid grip and improvement in stability. Anti-abrasive tires give you a perfect shock-absorbing material for extended use.


  • Hidden Internal Compression
  • Partial Blunt Plate
  • BMX Style Handlebar
  • Signature Anodized Oil Slick
  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • Designed to look amazing


  • Some say it is expensive


 2. Mayhem Phantom Pro Scooter


This product is most popular in the list of trick Scooters for Sale.  It's similar to the Xspec but a little less on the pocket.  When you want to take your tricks to the next level you'll need a sturdy product that is capable of handling all the weight and pressure of extreme tricks.

The Semi-hollow breaks with aluminum wheels give you extreme control over braking and extra grip on different surfaces. Triple clamps provide an extra powerful frame to give you a robust designed structure in varying tricks.


  • Made in the USA
  • No flat spot
  • Tri clap breaking
  • CNC milled aluminum
  • Integrated sealed bearing
  • High tolerance
  • Smooth rotation


  • Some say handlebars should be softer




If you want rugged looking, this is it!  A freestyle scooter with under $100 price tag that is sturdy and powerful enough to give the weight capacity of 220 lbs. Trick scooters for sale with the rugged and lightweight frame give you an extended-standing area for better control and a comfortable ride.

Triple anodized clamp provides you comfortability and stability. T-handlebar is the same as a bike-style grip that gives you a comfortable grasp on the product and extreme control even in the mid-air. ABEC-7 bearings and one-piece welded frame is the best thing you can get in this price.


  • Stretched standing area
  • Lightweight plastic deck
  • Pro-style performance
  • Non-slip riding
  • High impact wheels
  • ABEC-7 bearings.
  • Durable
  • One-piece welded steel
  • T-bar handle
  • Bike-style grips.
  • Priced WELL!


  • Some say brakes could be more durable


4. Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter

This super-fast and easy to use trick scooter feels like a luxury ride. People are mostly baffled at the price of this trick scooter. Under $100 you get an extremely comfortable trick scooter with a sturdy structure and robust design.

When you are a fan of speed and want to take your trick scooter to an extreme sporting level this product becomes your best pal in the journey from beginner to pro. You can use this trick scooter to do cool tricks that are difficult to perform for beginners.


  • Nylon/Steel brake
  • Lightweight
  • Super-fast
  • Durable
  • Impeccable design
  • Rough and tough usage
  • Great for adults
  • Cost-efficient


  • Some say the ride could be smoother

Benefits of Trick scooters

  • Trick scooters as the name suggests let you do various tricks at the stake park. A stunt scooter enables you to ride it to the skate park and do the tricks to have fun and joy. You can also buy kids scooters for children so they can also have some fun and do tricks.
  • There are various categories of scooters under the banner of stunt scooters for sale. You should always look for the specific categories and type of the kick scooters for sale. If you want to buy a scooter for tricks and stunts always go for a pro version. The pro scooters will give you sturdiness do various tricks with ease and comfort.
  • Kick scooters for adults come in different measurements as compared to the scooters for teens or children. But they all provide you a great way of doing exercise and burn calories.
  • Burn calories. Whether you're looking for the best pro scooters for beginners or you’re an advanced rider, they are a great form of exercise. Scooter riding is an excellent way to have fun and get in shape.
  • Teen scooters and adult trick scooters come with the option of customization. There are many products available in the market which provide you the option to upgrade them and make them the best stunt scooters one can ever find.
  • Kids scooters offer great possibilities in enhancing the motor skills and motion balancing of the children. The scooters for kids available in the market also come in great variations of color design and frames structure.

Types of Scooters

When you see trick scooters for sale you will see two different categories of the products.

Complete Scooter

The best trick scooters come under many names and different tags. But the most famous among these two categories is a complete scooter. Kick scooters for teens and adults mostly come fully assembled. You don't have to do much modification in making them a whole product. These are a great choice for beginners who don't want to use them in performing extreme level stunts.

Custom Scooters 

These kick scooters are completely customizable to your skill level, color preferences, and your personality!  You need alloy core wheels and a flex brake in a high-end trick scooter to perform extreme level tricks and stunts. The lover of trick scooters mostly purchase various parts from different manufacturers and build their own robust and sturdy scooter. These scooters are reliable and high performing products when you have chosen high-grade top-rated parts in building your very own extreme machine.

 Key Features


When you see trick scooters for sale the first and foremost feature which you must not overlook is the deck of the scooter. It is the most important part of the scooter which affects the performance and comfortability of the scooter. The style of the deck must match your riding style and should be according to the trick needs. When you want a wider deck and buy the scooter with a narrow one, you would end up getting nothing but frustration and discomfort.


When you are performing a trick and your whole body is in the air the grips are the only part of the trick scooter which keeps in contact with your body. If these grips slip from your hands you might hurt yourself at landing. The grips should be ergonomic to provide you a sturdy grasp with comfort. And the material should be soft enough to keep your hands comfortable for some extended use. When you buy a trick scooter the grips should be under proper consideration.

Bar Size

20-inch high 20-inch wide bars are the average size of pro trick scooters. There are different sized bars for teenagers and kids. If there are kid scooters for sale do not buy a bigger handlebar for your kids as your child will not be able to control the scooter. This will only cause problems in maneuvering and your kid might get hurt while doing some tricks.


Weight is the most important feature when you want to use a trick scooter to perform certain tricks. Some scooters are lightweight while others are heavy. When you want to perform a double backflip a lightweight scooter comes in handy in making you able to do that trick. A heavy trick scooter can be useful in other aspects as well.

There are some lightweight rick scooters that come in high-quality sturdy structure that provides you durability and stability both at the same time. The more lightweight scooter you buy the more it becomes easier for you to perform tricks.

Wrapping up

The rainbow trick scooter has the features and specifications which are loved by people who want to perform extreme tricks in a diverse environment. The difficult tricks become a piece of a cake with the help of a rainbow trick scooter.

Top Pick for Pro:  PHANTOM PRO V2

In the list of the product, there are some pro trick scooters to give you a comfortable sturdy ride on ramps and in street. For beginners and intermediate level riders the products under $100 are a great catch to choose from and enjoy life while having fun. The lightweight products offer you great control and maneuverability in performing difficult tricks. You also get durability and control over your trick scooters.

Top pick for a very beginner:  FUSION X-3