Air Tire Scooters For Kids, Teens, and Adults

Air Tire Scooters For Kids, Teens, and Adults

I feel like I've stumbled on something HUGE in the world of kids scooters and kick scooters.   I live in Hoboken NJ and I have always been a scooter enthusiast.  I had a regular adult kick scooter and my boys all had their kid/teen scooters. We rode all over town, through the parks, over dirt, over grass, and even cross over some cobblestone with our hard tire scooters.  Let me tell you that the ride is not fun.  Don't get me wrong, on the paved streets the kick scooters are fine.  As soon as we hit some rough terrain, it's just not fun anymore.

One of my most favorite places in the world are the paths next to the Hudson river with the NYC skyline views.  The sidewalk walkways are beautifully paved and the views there are second to none.  The only problem with those sidewalks is that they make for a pretty bumpy kick scooter ride.  And it's amazing to see hundreds of kids every day riding their hard tire scooters up and down the sidewalks not even realizing that there might be an alternative.

I had enough.  Last year, I searched on amazon for foldable air tire kick sidewalk scooters and I found a few different options, none of which I liked.   I found dirt scooters with big tires and not ideal for commuting.  I also found kids Mongoose scooters with the bigger bike tires which once again, were not very convenient to take when traveling.  I did find one which almost met all of my likings, which was the Razor A5 Air Tire scooter.  This one looked ok but it was smaller and couldn't really support me.  I read the reviews closely and consumers reported that the deck of this particular air tire scooter was low to the ground and snagged higher parts of sidewalks.  The Razor A5 was close and looked like a great little scooter, but not exactly what I was looking for.

I found another company called Micro scooters somewhere in the USA that also sells air tire kick scooters. Their air tire model looks great but the only was close to $300.00.  Sorry, I'm not going to buy a kick scooter for $300.00.  So that was out.

So what did I want?  I was looking for a good quality affordable air tire sidewalk kick scooter.  I needed the deck to be a good height off the ground.  I also wanted some sort of suspension built into it.  I needed it to be fairly lightweight and foldable. I needed it to be durable and look cool.  I looked and looked everywhere online.  I couldn't find what I was looking for so what did I do.  I did what any normal everyday dad would do, I contacted a manufacturing company to have one made for me and my kids.    I thought....maybe I could even sell these!


When my 1st blue sample air tire kick scooter came to me, it was amazing for about 45 minutes.   I took my new scooter to the river to film some promotional videos and got some great shots.  I did some cool tricks, which in retrospect I should not have done.  And then the folding mechanism on this scooter stripped.  Sorry Mr. manufacturing company, this one's a dud.  I wasn't in love with it anyway.  The handlebars were too wide, the deck was a little too short, and it didn't feel very sturdy.  But, it rode so incredibly well over Hoboken's city terrain.  So I contacted another scooter manufacturing company. 

About 2 months later I received my second air tire scooter and it was amazing.  I am currently working with the manufacturer to finalize a deal. I have been showing people the sample scooter and doing a few web campaigns to gauge interest and I'm not surprised, people are interested.  I'm telling you, they just don't exist on Amazon and one day it would be a dream of mine to offer them on the Amazon marketplace.  

Ok, here is the huge twist. I originally bought this and sourced it for commuting adults like me.  This scooter, which I can ride no problem at 185 pounds (max is 220lbs.), has been confiscated.  It's been taken by my 10 year old who will not get the heck off of it.  It rides so much smoother around hoboken than his kick scooter.  I have been marketing it for adults, which is awesome, but I didn't think to actually market it to kids and teens until now!  Again, every day hundreds of kids, teens, and adults zip up and down the waterfront on the bumpy sidewalks and don't know, yet, there is a better scooter being made for them right now. 


There are many pros to this scooter; it has dual suspension, boasts 8" air tires,  it's foldable, it has a carry strap, comes with a kick stand, comfy handlebars, and an ergonomic rear tire brake.  The only conn is that this scooter will not ride as fast as the hard tire scooters.  You have to work a little more but once it gets going it's smooth as butter.   Scooter owners also need to remember to fill the tires with the recommended air PSI.  I think it's 60psi, but you'll have to look on the tire.   

Now..... we wait.  Please Please Please sign up on the contact form if this type of scooter interests you, no commitment and no strings attached.  We'll send you info on pricing and availability as soon as we get the shipment finalized.  I am only bringing 100 scooters in from my manufacturing company and it will be first come first serve.   After the first 100 sell it may take several months to receive a second order if the manufacturing company doesn't get backed up.  

Thank you so much for reading this and I truly hope you join us as we begin to design and create better and safer kick scooters for toddlers, kids, and adults!

- JP